I call this year as the “Year of the Possible”. Why? This year I have experienced how really faith can move mountains right through my very eyes. Crazy dreams that became a reality and limited by capacity but became limitless because of God’s unending love.

   1. 18 years of God’s faithfulness through the gift of education


It’s been a tough 18 years for me in studying maybe because I am not an A+ student. I am not gifted with but I only have is God’s love that can surpass this challenges ahead of me. I remember when I was in 5th year college, I have to pass 5 theses for the school year and at the same time I was assigned as a servant in Manila. Personally I am having a hard time to balance all these things at the same time but by God’s grace I was able to pull it off and finish it strong. I dreamed of becoming a DL (Dean’s Lister) but I didn’t reach that goal but God is the God with full of surprises He made me a DL (Department’s Lister). Not bad! And I realized one thing with this dream: “If we shoot for the sun then we end on the moon at least we don’t get stucked on earth. Push yourself beyond your limit. It is beyond where amazing things happened.” –Anonymous

Truly it is going beyond your limits amazing things happen!

   2. Manila is Home. Team Manila: Buhos Manila


I’ve been so blessed to be part of the District of Manila. I am inspired on how God worked to these young people. Literally young HS students doing missions, leading a chapter and so many more. Truly age does not matter. God matters in their lives. These young people have given their all for the Lord and never quit despite they are hit the hardest. These young people really will bring Manila into greater heights and will set Manila on fire!

    3. East to West


This year is the year God brought me to places I couldn’t imagine. First God brought me to Guam where we spend quality time with my parents. It was a great experience for me and my family because they are also celebrating their wedding anniversary that time. Truly the perfect way to start the year!

I’ve always dreamed of going mission outside the country and I thought I can’t do it or the time is not on my side but again God showed me that with His love you can go to places that you couldn’t imagine.


Next is when I went to Hong Kong to do mission. It was my first time to do mission outside the country. And it was my best mission so far not because of the country itself but I really felt that I am never far from home. It was my first time to give a talk in English since most of the people there are having a hard time to understand the Filipino language. And I remember when we went to the venue of our camp, we need to ride a train, ferry to cross the other side and we have to hike for 30 minutes just going to the venue. And I realized that you really have to earn your ticket if you want to go to heaven. And I have experienced a little glimpse of what heaven looks like. And it is truly amazing on how God planned it to be and I am grateful to be part of this mission.


Next travel is when me and my co-missionaries went to WYD2013 in Brazil! I don’t know how I was able to go to Brazil despite of the expenses but God is really faithful to His promise. If you’re meant to be there and then God will make a way for you to be there.

I remember when we first came to Brazil I was having a hard time to communicate to people because they do not understand English so well. But when we had a worship I see people crying, hugging each other and I really felt that despite of our language barrier the universal language is God’s love. It is evident and it will never change.

 Going to WYD is one of my dream and together with that dream is I am really looking forward to see the Pope! It is really my greatest dream and I won’t miss this opportunity. But you have to work hard in order to reach your dreams. And we needed to wait for 5 hours just to see him but seeing him with just 3 seconds is like a glimpse really a glimpse of heaven!

Last trip in my WYD experience is when we went to the Our Lady of Fatima and Christ the Redeemer. We need to get to the top for because the statues are located on top. When we reached at the top I was really amazed on how beautiful the view is. And then I realized that going up to heaven is a hard task. It will be hard but that’s the only way. But when you reached the top you will meet God there.


I thought it that would be my last trip. But again, God is the God of surprises! And it is not an ordinary trip but it really means a lot because this trip was in Singapore! I should be in Singapore last 2011 to do mission trip but because of my commitments as a servant leader in my area I wasn’t able to join the mission trip last 2011. I have to wait patiently until the right time comes. And it’s truly worth the wait. I’ve learned a lot during this trip. God is really everywhere! Always end with a high note!

   4. Limitless possibilities with a fearless heart

The year of faith does not end on November 24. But it continues as we fall in love even more with Christ. This youthfest preparation is one of the things I really reached my limits or my capacity this year. I thought I cannot do it but by God’s grace we were able to showcase how Limitless God is. And I realized after the youthfest that with just one “Yes”  we can truly experience that limitless happiness because Christ lives in us.

This year of faith is truly a showcase of God making the impossible things possible. He is reminding to us that do not limit on what the world could offer but rather always go beyond your comfort zones. It is in that stepping beyond your comfort zone amazing things happens. I am excited on how the Lord will work for the upcoming years because He will manifest again His limitless grace and love despite hardships and trials. And one thing will remain:


God’s love will always be the same yesterday, today and forever. Just keep saying Yes to Him and surely He will transform our lives.


1 Cor. 2:9 “What no one ever saw or hear, what no one thought could ever happen of the very things the Lord has prepared for those who love Him.”



This year I’ve been to so many places that I couldn’t imagine I would be going to. Those were just dreams but by God’s grace I was able to go to those places. I thought my trip in Brazil last July was my last trip of the year but the Lord has a better plan. He brought me to the place where I would actually do my first foreign mission. God brought me to Singapore not to do a mission trip but to spend time with my family and see God’s love in there. It was 2 years ago when supposedly I would join the mission trip in SG but because I have to attend my cluster for its activities for the whole summer. But God told me that it is not the right time to go there because He has a better and wonderful plan for me.

And truly God’s plans are far greater than my plans. This Christmas vacation we were able to spend time together with my family for 4 days and in that stay I really learned and see what God is telling to me in that trip.



I was really amazed when I see this message while we were going back to the hotel. This reminded me of what God has in stored for us. God is the God of perfect timing. And always trust in His ways and wisdom because He knows what’s best for us. Everything will fall under God’s plan. All we have to do is to let God work in our life and we should love God if we want to wait patiently.


During the tour I noticed that whenever the tour guide show some old buildings or infrastructure. She always tells the word “restore or under restoration” and I also saw this words whenever we walked along the road. It is written “under restoration”. I wonder why they did not use the word renovation. Which we were used to hear whenever we see improvement on some structure. But if we are to compare renovation and restoration, in my basic understanding renovation means fixing what needs to be fixed and that’s it. But when we say restoration you fix something and bringing that nothing into something plus added value that would give joy. In short “binubuhay ang isang bagay”. And it is true that God when we met the Lord He doesn’t renovates our lives, He restores it and makes us a better person. He gives us a new life with full of joy and experiencing life at its fullest.



In our last trip for the day, I noticed that one of my co-tourist doesn’t have a leg on its left part (not sure if the whole leg) but when I saw that a metal is supporting his body for him to walk normally even it is hard for him. I felt that this guy is really blessed and is really strong (physically, emotionally and spiritually) because his leg does not define on how life should be. He used his leg as an inspiration to everyone that all of us can walk and move forward. Always move forward if we’re hit the hardest. Remember that God is journeying with us all the way and we should not be afraid to move forward because the best part is yet to be seen. So keep moving!


God’s ways are far better from our ways. I heard this line “No turning back” from a cartoon episode that my sister is watching. I am really bored to watch that show but when someone said that line it made me interested to watch that show and little by little that cartoon made me realized of my childhood days. But let’s not go back in the past. Let’s focus on what’s in stored for us at present and looking forward in the future with joy and love. Let that past bring you hope in your future that greater things are yet to come in our life.  There is no turning back because God has done great things in our life for us. He patiently waits for our yes, He restores us and gives us new life, and He is with us along the way. Let’s face everything fearlessly and let’s not turn back because God is in front of us. And that’s the path we should follow.

I remember on our tour I will always remember what the tour guide told us: “Don’t stop or else you’ll lose me”. What a wonderful message from the Lord! He is telling to us that don’t quit, don’t stop, and keep moving forward and no turning back. He is challenging us not to stop following Him even if it is hard.

And the Lord is reminding to us with this verse

“Keep running the race that is set before you with endurance” – Hebrews 12:1

God has been faithful for us this year 2013 and no doubt He will always be faithful this coming 2014. This year God has started this year strong. And as the year ends God will always remind and show to us that He can end this year in a high note so when we face the road ahead it will keep us running and moving forward.


1 Cor. 2:9 “What no one ever saw or hear, what no one thought could ever happen of the very things the Lord has prepared for those who love Him.”

Faith Means Trusting in Advance

Last November 23-24, 2013 we had a mission trip in Isabela. Our team will be conducting a youth camp to 4th year HS students and it is also a recollection for them. It is a privilege for us young people to conduct such recollection. Young as we are we have experienced this wonderful blessing.

Some of my team will be going to Isabela in groups. And I will be travelling to Isabela alone for 10 hours. At first I was nervous to travel alone because I was thinking of what if I ride the wrong bus, what if I missed the dropping point, what if I get lost along the way and so on. It came to a point wherein I don’t know if I will join the group who will be travelling that night or travel alone. But then, I have to do it anyway because maybe this is an opportunity for me to see Christ in this travel.

When I arrived in the bus terminal in Cubao around 12nn to buy the ticket scheduled for 1pm. The cashier told me that it was fully booked and the next trip will be at 3pm. I started to worry because the ETA in Isabela will be at 1am. After this, I started to beg the cashier if I could ride in the 1pm trip. And the cashier said, you can join the 1pm trip but it’s only by chance if you can get a seat and it is a small chance since it is fully booked. And I really need to take that 1pm trip so that I could arrive early in the area and to prepare for the upcoming camp. So I took the chance of riding in the bus. I ride the bus around 12:40pm and 1 seat is available in that bus so I seated on it. But the driver told me that when someone claims that seat you have to seat in the middle for the whole trip. And I really need to trust and claim that it will be my seat. Every person that I comes inside of the bus I feel that they will claim that seat. But I tell to the Lord that I will trust in you that I will travel to Isabela not seating in the middle. And to cut it short I was able to travel to Isabela not seating in the middle! Truly that small chance of believing paid off!

When the day of the youth camp has finally arrived. The camp will have 130+ participants and originally the venue given to us is not enough to cater 130+ students. Then we asked if there are venue in the place that could cater with these number of students. There was a place but it was too expensive. But we believe that God will work wonders here and He can give it for free. And guess what?! God is truly faithful and really answers our prayers in His perfect time. He gave us that venue for free! It’s like a dream venue for someone who is celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. And we were privileged to use this place as a venue of God’s love!


And this is just the start of what God can do in this weekend. We’re just experiencing the glimpse of how great God is. In this weekend we have experienced of young people really in awe and amazed of God can work in their lives. Most of the students are telling that it is really cool to be a Catholic and we’re so blessed to be part of their transformation in becoming closer to Christ.

It’s amazing how God really works in our lives. There are a lot of first time experiences here in this Isabela mission. There are dreams that became a reality, small chances of passing through but were able to pass through. Small team but was able to show how big God is. All of this is possible because of trusting the Lord in advance. That God will work wonders because His love never fails.

1 Cor. 2:9 “What no one ever saw or hear, what no one thought could ever happen of the very things the Lord has prepared for those who love Him.”

It is sweeter the second time around

It is always sweeter the second time around. It’s been 2 years where my life was devastated and it’s hard for me to move on. 2 years ago my uncle died because of he was murdered. I still remember that day when I feel  of losing someone close to your heart, a good person, willing to sacrifice himself for his family including our family that just died with just one snap. On the day my uncle died, I was in Batangas State University and I felt that this place is worth remembering and I told to myself that this place broke my heart. One of the lowest points in my life. And I felt that I cannot move on from that event of my life because you cannot change on what has happened.

Last Nov. 17, 2013 we will be having our South Luzon Youthfest in Batangas State University. That is the exact place where I don’t want to come back in. The place wherein I cannot move on. But the Lord told me that “This is what I have prepared for you because I love you so much”.  And that made me just say yes to God’s response for his limitless love  for me. And truly, this youthfest is a manifestation of how God is true to His promise. His love never fails, it never gives up and His love never runs out. And it is Jesus who could only satisfy my heart. From that day, I see why I had to suffer to much pain in my heart 2 years ago. It is because He wants to tell me that His love never ends. His faithfulness never ends. God never fails. 2 years ago I carry that burden of not moving forward but the Lord allowed me to move forward because “All you need to experience His immense love is Christ”.  The Lord allowed me to experience His love again in that place that He never turns back. His timing is always perfect and He just wants us to experience that it is all part of His limitless love. Limitless in a sense that it never ends 2 years ago. His love will continue and on and on. God’s love is truly sweeter the second time around.

 And I thought that I would never come back in that place because of the bad memories I had. And I thought that it will just be a memory in my mind. But God has a different plan for me. He has a perfect reason for everything. He has that perfect moment where you’ll realized that it is all part of His great plan. All we have to do is to just say yes to his calling and never say no because of you limitations. Because of our “Yes” we can experience that limitless faith, love and happiness because Christ lives in us. And because we have experience His limitless faith, love and happiness our lives will never be the same again.

1 Cor. 2:9 “What no one ever saw or hear, what no one thought could ever happen of the very things the Lord has prepared for those who love Him.”


fb (2)


Dreams are things that you can only think of because dreams would be hard to reach all by ourselves. We all have our crazy dream (Become an NBA player, become like superman, live on the moon and many more) and these things are just imaginary for us. But you always have to make this dream your promise to yourself because it will always lead to reality. And that’s where my crazy dream started: To go to Rio for WYD! It’s just a dream but I made it a promise to myself that someday I will go there. And I hold on to God’s promise that He would take me to places that I only dreamed of.

And here I am! “Iste e Brasil!”

I thought that I would be far from home but I was wrong, I am also home! Because of the warm welcome of our Brazillian amigos, I felt home. During the semana missionaria, I stayed with the loving “Derley Family”. I was joined with a Venezuelan “Carlos” and Panamaian “Alex”. I don’t know why I do not have any co-filipino pilgrim in our host family unlike my other friends who are with their fellow Filipino pilgrims. At first I had a hard time to speak and understand their language because it is new to me. But this is what God has promised! This is the one of a kind experience that I won’t miss. During the week, we had a worship session just like what we used to do in our community (CFC-FFL). Throughout the worship, I saw people crying and hugging each other because they never felt God’s love in that way. It was so affirming that God changes lives when you just respond to His call. And this semana missionaria is just a glimpse of His great promise to us. At first, we thought we will not be able to to do it because of the language barrier. But it doesn’t matter if we cannot understand each other because what matters is that we share God’s love. The universal language is the love of God!

After staying in our host family in Maua, we went to some historical places and one of my favorite is when we went to the Our Lady of Fatima. We went up on the hill which made us tired and made us nearly wanting to give up but when we reached the top, I was amazed on what I saw. The place is very peaceful, quiet and calm. God is telling us that when we reach the mountain top experience, we will meet Him there silently praying. He wants us to just listen to Him when we are at top so that when we go down, we are ready to face the battle. And this semana missionaria is just a glimpse of how God will manifest even more in the WYD.

During the opening for the WYD, it made me cry to see millions of young people praying and giving their life to God. Praying to God in the sand and beside the sea meant a lot of things – that God’s love is like the unmeasurable sand, God’s grace is like the ever-flowing ocean and God’s love is like the strong wind that can bring you anywhere.

And that yes can bring us into greater heights!

On the day of the welcoming of the Pope, we arrived 4 hours earlier in order for us to get a good place. Millions of youth are also waiting for the arrival of the Pope and we have to endure everything in order to see Him. But all of it was part of God’s plan. When I saw the Pope with my very eyes, my heart suddenly stopped, astonished and amazed of his presence. My heart is so filled with joy to have a glimpse of him even in seconds but it was all worth it. I’ve learned that whatever you experience is just a teaser of what God can do in your life by just following Him. “It is only Jesus who brings God to us and us to God.And Jesus is counting on us to just say yes to Him even more.” — Pope Francis

During the WYD Vigil it affirms us that “the Lord needs us. He is calling each and everyone of us to be missionaries. Each one of us should be the field of faith of God”. –Pope Francis

I’ve learned three things during the Pope’s reflection in the vigil:

1. A field is a seed – the seed is the word of God sown. And let it enter in your field. Let it work in your life.

2. A field is a training ground – Jesus asks us to be His disiciples. He asks us to join in His team like in a soccer team. They are trained in the field to win bigger than the world cup. But Jesus offers us a fruitful and happy life. But there is an entrance fee. We should let ourselves to follow Him more, to allow God in our hearts.

3. A field is a construction – we are part of the church. Be the builders of the church. Build a new world of peace, love and hope. Just like Peter who built the church. He wants us to be the living rock in the world.

This will only work if we let God work in us. We should not forget that we are the field of faith, athletes of Christ and builders of the church. We just have to say Yes to God and let God’s will be done.

During the last mass of the WYD, we were just reminded that our yes should always mean yes because Jesus Christ is counting in us. Do not be afraid. Your fear is not different from others because He is with us. And He promises us that He will never leave us alone. When we face challenges with God, we will be strong. And that is what our yes to Him could give us.

I never expected these things, I just said Yes to what God promised me and it did amazing things happen not only in my life but to everyone. There are so many hardships, struggles and challenges but because you invested in this dream you have to be inspired to go for it! God has invested so much in our lives and there is no reason for us to give up if God is our reason of everything. God’s love has transformed each and everyone of us and we just have to follow and trust Him. Just keep saying Yes because Jesus is counting on us! And His love can bring us everywhere. We must never get tired of following Him and keep saying yes to His call.

1 Cor. 2:9 “What no one ever saw or hear, what no one thought could ever happen of the very things the Lord has prepared for those who love Him.”

Unseen Destination

This night will be one of the most memorable simply because God’s love is really shown in many ways but this one specific situation really touched me.

It’s a rainy night (raining hard) and I’ve noticed all the people are annoyed, tired  and eager to go home because they don’t want to get stuck and get stranded. My original plan was to take the MRT because I really don’t want to get wet because my umbrella is broken. Unfortunately the MRT only cater passenger going southbound (Going to Taft).

So I decided to go down in and ride a bus. But it’s also hard to find the right bus for my route in going home.  So I have to wait but unfortunately I the bus just past through and didn’t stop. And suddenly, I’ve notice that why is this specific route is stopping in front of me. Finally after 5-6 buses of the same route I decided to ride on it. The route of the bus was going to Monumento (the bus that I needed to ride is going to Novaliches).

The bus stopped at SM Megamall to pick-up some passengers and while waiting for the bus to move, I noticed that there is this man inside the bus who walks slowly, touching the seats and somewhat looking on the ground.  I thought he is injured. But that man is blind. My heart was touched by this man because He is reaching the handrail above him even though he cannot reach. If he do not reach the handrail he might fall. And this man never gives up in reaching the handrail and finally he reached it went in the middle of the bus where I was near. And suddenly it cause traffic because he didn’t recognize the queue he caused for standing in the middle of the bus. Then the “konduktor” helped him to take a seat.

The whole trip there are so many questions on “how he reached the bus terminal, how did he know that he rode the right bus, how will he know that he reach his destination.” I really don’t know.

Suddenly, the bus is approaching Cubao and the “konduktor” is telling “Farmers, farmers, farmers diyan, baba na yung mga bababa sa farmers”. Then this man is telling “Boss, sa Mcdo lang.”I don’t know what Mcdo is that man telling but I believed he is near to his destination. Now the “konduktor” is telling “Wala nang farmers ah.” Then the man is telling again “Boss, sa Mcdo lang.” And suddenly he stood up and slowly walked towards the exit. Again, he is trying to reach the handrail because that is his guide towards the exit. To cut it short, that man got out in his exact destination: “Mcdo Farmers”.

I was really touched on what has happened and I couldn’t explain how this man got in his destination. I just told myself “Kahit hindi mo nakikita ang pupuntahan mo, makakarating at makakarating ka kasi naniniwala ka sa nagsasabi sayo”.

I’ve learned so many things in this man. First is that on how he went to the bus terminal and how he knew that the bus he took is right. He knew where that exact location of the bus terminal, he knew he rode the right bus because He use his heart and ears to get there. And he believes that it is the right place so he take that faith.

Second,  he always touch the handrail even he can’t see it but still he try to reach for it. That’s how faith is, even though you can’t see the things you can’t see you still reach it because you know that you will not fall. Faith is believing and reaching things that you can’t see.

Lastly, he got to his destination without seeing it. Even though this man did not see if this is his destination he believe in it because he knows God will never leave him. And because he just believe in it he reached his destination.

Of this 3 things, I have realized that “Kung puso ang puhunan mo makarating ka sa destinasyon mo.”  And truly this man made me stronger and really fell in love more with God.


“What no one ever saw or heard, what no one has ever thought of the very thing the Lord has prepared for those who love Him”

– 1 Corinthians 2:9 –

Start Strong

This blog should be written 2 years ago. I am having a hard time to write it in paper because I could not express the right words but it is where God wants me to be.

I still remember my prayer time last April 20, 2011. Maybe that prayer time was one of the hardest prayer I’ve been to. While  I was reading my Didache, I was stunned and amazed on how God really planned it because it was written “Glorious Ending” and I know that day will be difficult because what’s gonna happen. To lay it down/ surrender / give up all to God the thing that I know He will be more happy.

Human as I am it is difficult for me to let go of things that I really love but I remember that when you love God, He wants you to give up something because He knows what’s best for you. I realized that “you should not be afraid to start over. Because it’s a new chance to rebuild what you want”  I don’t know how it goes but God just told me: “Dahil mahal kita at faithful ka, sagot kita”. And that answer of God to me is just true to me over time because God’s love allowed me to transform or  made me a better person right now. Some people think that the reason I wrote this blog is because I haven’t moved on but honestly “I moved on and look forward to be used by God more”.

2 years ago it is a glorious ending but the day after I started it strong because I know God is always there and there is nothing to fear of losing something because God really knows best. Right now, I am really blessed and happy on what’s happening in my life right now because it is really the place where God wants me to be.  And there is no place I would rather be but only in the presence of God’s love. And I would never get tired of doing His plans because His plans is already the plan I want to do and I would never change anything in this world.

God’s love at its finest

God’s love is overflowing that I can’t imagine of doing things beyond my capacity.

This year of faith is really not a roller coaster ride but it is a joyride year so far because God’s love for me is just getting higher and higher. This year was one of the hardest years of my education life since I am a graduating student in college. Need to this, finish my theses, go there etc. And it’s so hard that I could not think of doing all of these things. But I stick to the fight when it is in the hardest part because this is the way of God letting me experience to be able to do what you first thought you cannot do. And to cut it short, I graduated last April 4. And I was in great awe of how the Lord bless me in my 18 years of studying in school. It sounds simple but that 18 years of gift of education is a testament of how long God has been faithful to me. And it just made me feel that “you are not celebrating your graduation because of taking a 5 year course, but you are celebrating it because I have been faithful and loved you for 18 years of studying.” It is really God showing me that we will “Finish it strong”. God’s love is faithful and strong!


The following day, we were at the YFL Conference to experience His love like a fire. And I cannot contain the love He has in stored for this weekend. And I know this weekend it just a continuation of His amazing love.

I thought that would be it but it didn’t stop there.

Me and my family 3 weeks after the conference to celebrate their wedding anniversary. This not an ordinary wedding anniversary because I really want to ask my parents if I could go full-time worker for the community. It has been 4 years of prayer, purification of intention before I ask my parents. And I am really decided to take the leap of faith. After our conversation. FINALLY! They allowed to go full-time! And I cannot contain this joy and felt so much love because it is the perfect timing of all. It’s just getting higher and higher all the time.

Akala ko masaya ang buhay ko pero may mas isasaya pa.

May 15 early morning (12am), my prayer was “Lord pahirapan mo pa ang buhay ko”. I really don’t know why I prayed for that but I know God has always an answer. It was 1pm in the afternoon that I was driving and I think “Paano kaya kung maputukan ako ng gulong?”. Sounds weird I was saying those words and I need to pick-up some youthcamp materials in Taguig. Suddenly while I was in the C5 tunnel going to Eastwood suddenly my tire got broke. And then (parang gumegewang na yung sasakyan ko yung tipong tataob na ako) suddenly I said: “Lord kayo na bahala, sagot niyo na ako.” All of a sudden my auto gradually stop until I reach in the road gutter (yung tipong nasa gilid ka ng flyover overviewing sa kalsada sa baba)

I cannot explain what happened and I don’t know that to say that time but God answered me that time: “Hindi ka makakatakas sa matinding pagmamahal ko sayo, kahit overviewing mo na yung sa baba hindi ka mamamatay kasi mas maganda pa ang ipapagawa ko sa buhay mo. Sagot kita.”

Truly, God will always be with us and nothing can separate us from His amazing love. And it’s just getting better and better. Love at it’s finest!

“Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” –Rom. 8:39

Best Foot Spa


It was a Wednesday afternoon when Ate Raine texted me if I can join the team to Batangas in giving Chastity forum the following day. I was in a shock because it will be my first time to give a chastity forum. It was a mixed emotion of excitement and I was nervous since I have no background in giving chastity forum. The night before the mission trip, i had to prepare my talk outline in chastity forum and went to Fyron’s house to teach me how to deliver, the do’s and don’ts in giving the talk. We didn’t realize that it was already 2:30 in the morning when we finished in preparing for our talk and our call time is 4:00am. We went to Batangas wakeful but again, I said “everything is possible with the Lord, lakas ng diyos lang ang gagawa nito”.  I am really physically tired because I haven’t slept since 5:00am since Wednesday but my spirit is up because it is a privilege for me and the team to do these things and to rely in God’s strength.


When we reached in Batangas, we just have a breakfast together with the YFL coordinator and after which we went straight to St. Bridget College. The scheduled plan of the team is give 6 chastity forum and 4 love forum (I was assigned in giving 4 chastity forums). And I was excited to give the talk since it is my first time.


When we reached SBC, the school coordinator welcomed us and said it is time to give the talk. I suddenly felt nervous because it was a classroom approached of talk meaning I would be their teacher for that period. When I reached to my first class I am nervous at the start because of jitters of maybe the class would not understand my talk etc. but suddenly God spoke through me and said “Follow me and I will teach you to catch people”. And God work through me to give this forum. My first talk was an amazing experience for me not to teach an academic subject but to spread God’s love to the people.


 After giving the first talk, we went straight to the next class to give the talk. I and Kaye were doing the chastity forum for almost 10 hours. We were walking from classroom to classroom, up and down and left to right. Little did we know that it was almost 6pm. Then we realized that God’s plan are greater than our plans because He used us powerfully in using me and Kaye to give 8 chastity forums compare to the plan of 4. I realized that every footstep that we made God is beside me to go in the journey. That journey is a humbling experience because God gave us the strength to go on to the journey. I am affirmed that every footstep is a journey and every journey is a blessing. Indeed, the Lord meets us wherever we are. Indeed, one of the memorable footsteps in our life is going where the Lord leads us and I am thankful for the Lord give me such privilege in doing his works.

With One Yes, Changes My Life Forever

I am a typical rebel boy just as many other boys out there. I do go out with people just to play computer. Sneaking out at night just to go out with my friends. Hanging out with friends that do smoke, drink etc. Catching many fishes in the sea. And not following my parents.
I thought will remain in me until I grow up. I thought I will never have a direction in life. And I thought that the life I have before is the life the life I would embrace for the rest of my life.
But all those things change the moment I said Yes to that Cross.
It was a come from behind win in my life. It saved me from everything that the world is dictating right now.  Before I do love in embracing the life that is full of lies and sins, but now I embrace the life that Jesus did. The moment I said Yes to His call, He change my life forever. I never thought that those 7 days in a week is a journey to Holiness. It is a struggle from the start but I am decided that I am ready to be denied, then take His Cross and follow Him. Those were the things I hold from that day on.
 That Yes is not yet over in my life, as it added another chapter in my life.
Before I dreamed of going to other places just to have fun but because I cling only to the Lord’s promise He brought me to places I could never imagine to spread His Name. I also dreamed of leading people into worship and again, the Lord is true to His promise. Amazing! This things are just a glimpse of His Promise: Fullness of Life
And right now, The Lord is taking me in a mission that is big and uncertain. But again, I am Fearless for the Lord to do his plan because “Mas mahalaga ang pangarap ng Diyos”
‎”What no one ever saw or heard, what no one ever thought could happen, is the very thing God prepared for those who Love Him” — 1 Corinthians 2:9
My Yes will always mean Yes.