God’s love at its finest

God’s love is overflowing that I can’t imagine of doing things beyond my capacity.

This year of faith is really not a roller coaster ride but it is a joyride year so far because God’s love for me is just getting higher and higher. This year was one of the hardest years of my education life since I am a graduating student in college. Need to this, finish my theses, go there etc. And it’s so hard that I could not think of doing all of these things. But I stick to the fight when it is in the hardest part because this is the way of God letting me experience to be able to do what you first thought you cannot do. And to cut it short, I graduated last April 4. And I was in great awe of how the Lord bless me in my 18 years of studying in school. It sounds simple but that 18 years of gift of education is a testament of how long God has been faithful to me. And it just made me feel that “you are not celebrating your graduation because of taking a 5 year course, but you are celebrating it because I have been faithful and loved you for 18 years of studying.” It is really God showing me that we will “Finish it strong”. God’s love is faithful and strong!


The following day, we were at the YFL Conference to experience His love like a fire. And I cannot contain the love He has in stored for this weekend. And I know this weekend it just a continuation of His amazing love.

I thought that would be it but it didn’t stop there.

Me and my family 3 weeks after the conference to celebrate their wedding anniversary. This not an ordinary wedding anniversary because I really want to ask my parents if I could go full-time worker for the community. It has been 4 years of prayer, purification of intention before I ask my parents. And I am really decided to take the leap of faith. After our conversation. FINALLY! They allowed to go full-time! And I cannot contain this joy and felt so much love because it is the perfect timing of all. It’s just getting higher and higher all the time.

Akala ko masaya ang buhay ko pero may mas isasaya pa.

May 15 early morning (12am), my prayer was “Lord pahirapan mo pa ang buhay ko”. I really don’t know why I prayed for that but I know God has always an answer. It was 1pm in the afternoon that I was driving and I think “Paano kaya kung maputukan ako ng gulong?”. Sounds weird I was saying those words and I need to pick-up some youthcamp materials in Taguig. Suddenly while I was in the C5 tunnel going to Eastwood suddenly my tire got broke. And then (parang gumegewang na yung sasakyan ko yung tipong tataob na ako) suddenly I said: “Lord kayo na bahala, sagot niyo na ako.” All of a sudden my auto gradually stop until I reach in the road gutter (yung tipong nasa gilid ka ng flyover overviewing sa kalsada sa baba)

I cannot explain what happened and I don’t know that to say that time but God answered me that time: “Hindi ka makakatakas sa matinding pagmamahal ko sayo, kahit overviewing mo na yung sa baba hindi ka mamamatay kasi mas maganda pa ang ipapagawa ko sa buhay mo. Sagot kita.”

Truly, God will always be with us and nothing can separate us from His amazing love. And it’s just getting better and better. Love at it’s finest!

“Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” –Rom. 8:39


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