Unseen Destination

This night will be one of the most memorable simply because God’s love is really shown in many ways but this one specific situation really touched me.

It’s a rainy night (raining hard) and I’ve noticed all the people are annoyed, tired  and eager to go home because they don’t want to get stuck and get stranded. My original plan was to take the MRT because I really don’t want to get wet because my umbrella is broken. Unfortunately the MRT only cater passenger going southbound (Going to Taft).

So I decided to go down in and ride a bus. But it’s also hard to find the right bus for my route in going home.  So I have to wait but unfortunately I the bus just past through and didn’t stop. And suddenly, I’ve notice that why is this specific route is stopping in front of me. Finally after 5-6 buses of the same route I decided to ride on it. The route of the bus was going to Monumento (the bus that I needed to ride is going to Novaliches).

The bus stopped at SM Megamall to pick-up some passengers and while waiting for the bus to move, I noticed that there is this man inside the bus who walks slowly, touching the seats and somewhat looking on the ground.  I thought he is injured. But that man is blind. My heart was touched by this man because He is reaching the handrail above him even though he cannot reach. If he do not reach the handrail he might fall. And this man never gives up in reaching the handrail and finally he reached it went in the middle of the bus where I was near. And suddenly it cause traffic because he didn’t recognize the queue he caused for standing in the middle of the bus. Then the “konduktor” helped him to take a seat.

The whole trip there are so many questions on “how he reached the bus terminal, how did he know that he rode the right bus, how will he know that he reach his destination.” I really don’t know.

Suddenly, the bus is approaching Cubao and the “konduktor” is telling “Farmers, farmers, farmers diyan, baba na yung mga bababa sa farmers”. Then this man is telling “Boss, sa Mcdo lang.”I don’t know what Mcdo is that man telling but I believed he is near to his destination. Now the “konduktor” is telling “Wala nang farmers ah.” Then the man is telling again “Boss, sa Mcdo lang.” And suddenly he stood up and slowly walked towards the exit. Again, he is trying to reach the handrail because that is his guide towards the exit. To cut it short, that man got out in his exact destination: “Mcdo Farmers”.

I was really touched on what has happened and I couldn’t explain how this man got in his destination. I just told myself “Kahit hindi mo nakikita ang pupuntahan mo, makakarating at makakarating ka kasi naniniwala ka sa nagsasabi sayo”.

I’ve learned so many things in this man. First is that on how he went to the bus terminal and how he knew that the bus he took is right. He knew where that exact location of the bus terminal, he knew he rode the right bus because He use his heart and ears to get there. And he believes that it is the right place so he take that faith.

Second,  he always touch the handrail even he can’t see it but still he try to reach for it. That’s how faith is, even though you can’t see the things you can’t see you still reach it because you know that you will not fall. Faith is believing and reaching things that you can’t see.

Lastly, he got to his destination without seeing it. Even though this man did not see if this is his destination he believe in it because he knows God will never leave him. And because he just believe in it he reached his destination.

Of this 3 things, I have realized that “Kung puso ang puhunan mo makarating ka sa destinasyon mo.”  And truly this man made me stronger and really fell in love more with God.


“What no one ever saw or heard, what no one has ever thought of the very thing the Lord has prepared for those who love Him”

– 1 Corinthians 2:9 –


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