Faith Means Trusting in Advance

Last November 23-24, 2013 we had a mission trip in Isabela. Our team will be conducting a youth camp to 4th year HS students and it is also a recollection for them. It is a privilege for us young people to conduct such recollection. Young as we are we have experienced this wonderful blessing.

Some of my team will be going to Isabela in groups. And I will be travelling to Isabela alone for 10 hours. At first I was nervous to travel alone because I was thinking of what if I ride the wrong bus, what if I missed the dropping point, what if I get lost along the way and so on. It came to a point wherein I don’t know if I will join the group who will be travelling that night or travel alone. But then, I have to do it anyway because maybe this is an opportunity for me to see Christ in this travel.

When I arrived in the bus terminal in Cubao around 12nn to buy the ticket scheduled for 1pm. The cashier told me that it was fully booked and the next trip will be at 3pm. I started to worry because the ETA in Isabela will be at 1am. After this, I started to beg the cashier if I could ride in the 1pm trip. And the cashier said, you can join the 1pm trip but it’s only by chance if you can get a seat and it is a small chance since it is fully booked. And I really need to take that 1pm trip so that I could arrive early in the area and to prepare for the upcoming camp. So I took the chance of riding in the bus. I ride the bus around 12:40pm and 1 seat is available in that bus so I seated on it. But the driver told me that when someone claims that seat you have to seat in the middle for the whole trip. And I really need to trust and claim that it will be my seat. Every person that I comes inside of the bus I feel that they will claim that seat. But I tell to the Lord that I will trust in you that I will travel to Isabela not seating in the middle. And to cut it short I was able to travel to Isabela not seating in the middle! Truly that small chance of believing paid off!

When the day of the youth camp has finally arrived. The camp will have 130+ participants and originally the venue given to us is not enough to cater 130+ students. Then we asked if there are venue in the place that could cater with these number of students. There was a place but it was too expensive. But we believe that God will work wonders here and He can give it for free. And guess what?! God is truly faithful and really answers our prayers in His perfect time. He gave us that venue for free! It’s like a dream venue for someone who is celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. And we were privileged to use this place as a venue of God’s love!


And this is just the start of what God can do in this weekend. We’re just experiencing the glimpse of how great God is. In this weekend we have experienced of young people really in awe and amazed of God can work in their lives. Most of the students are telling that it is really cool to be a Catholic and we’re so blessed to be part of their transformation in becoming closer to Christ.

It’s amazing how God really works in our lives. There are a lot of first time experiences here in this Isabela mission. There are dreams that became a reality, small chances of passing through but were able to pass through. Small team but was able to show how big God is. All of this is possible because of trusting the Lord in advance. That God will work wonders because His love never fails.

1 Cor. 2:9 “What no one ever saw or hear, what no one thought could ever happen of the very things the Lord has prepared for those who love Him.”


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