This year I’ve been to so many places that I couldn’t imagine I would be going to. Those were just dreams but by God’s grace I was able to go to those places. I thought my trip in Brazil last July was my last trip of the year but the Lord has a better plan. He brought me to the place where I would actually do my first foreign mission. God brought me to Singapore not to do a mission trip but to spend time with my family and see God’s love in there. It was 2 years ago when supposedly I would join the mission trip in SG but because I have to attend my cluster for its activities for the whole summer. But God told me that it is not the right time to go there because He has a better and wonderful plan for me.

And truly God’s plans are far greater than my plans. This Christmas vacation we were able to spend time together with my family for 4 days and in that stay I really learned and see what God is telling to me in that trip.



I was really amazed when I see this message while we were going back to the hotel. This reminded me of what God has in stored for us. God is the God of perfect timing. And always trust in His ways and wisdom because He knows what’s best for us. Everything will fall under God’s plan. All we have to do is to let God work in our life and we should love God if we want to wait patiently.


During the tour I noticed that whenever the tour guide show some old buildings or infrastructure. She always tells the word “restore or under restoration” and I also saw this words whenever we walked along the road. It is written “under restoration”. I wonder why they did not use the word renovation. Which we were used to hear whenever we see improvement on some structure. But if we are to compare renovation and restoration, in my basic understanding renovation means fixing what needs to be fixed and that’s it. But when we say restoration you fix something and bringing that nothing into something plus added value that would give joy. In short “binubuhay ang isang bagay”. And it is true that God when we met the Lord He doesn’t renovates our lives, He restores it and makes us a better person. He gives us a new life with full of joy and experiencing life at its fullest.



In our last trip for the day, I noticed that one of my co-tourist doesn’t have a leg on its left part (not sure if the whole leg) but when I saw that a metal is supporting his body for him to walk normally even it is hard for him. I felt that this guy is really blessed and is really strong (physically, emotionally and spiritually) because his leg does not define on how life should be. He used his leg as an inspiration to everyone that all of us can walk and move forward. Always move forward if we’re hit the hardest. Remember that God is journeying with us all the way and we should not be afraid to move forward because the best part is yet to be seen. So keep moving!


God’s ways are far better from our ways. I heard this line “No turning back” from a cartoon episode that my sister is watching. I am really bored to watch that show but when someone said that line it made me interested to watch that show and little by little that cartoon made me realized of my childhood days. But let’s not go back in the past. Let’s focus on what’s in stored for us at present and looking forward in the future with joy and love. Let that past bring you hope in your future that greater things are yet to come in our life.  There is no turning back because God has done great things in our life for us. He patiently waits for our yes, He restores us and gives us new life, and He is with us along the way. Let’s face everything fearlessly and let’s not turn back because God is in front of us. And that’s the path we should follow.

I remember on our tour I will always remember what the tour guide told us: “Don’t stop or else you’ll lose me”. What a wonderful message from the Lord! He is telling to us that don’t quit, don’t stop, and keep moving forward and no turning back. He is challenging us not to stop following Him even if it is hard.

And the Lord is reminding to us with this verse

“Keep running the race that is set before you with endurance” – Hebrews 12:1

God has been faithful for us this year 2013 and no doubt He will always be faithful this coming 2014. This year God has started this year strong. And as the year ends God will always remind and show to us that He can end this year in a high note so when we face the road ahead it will keep us running and moving forward.


1 Cor. 2:9 “What no one ever saw or hear, what no one thought could ever happen of the very things the Lord has prepared for those who love Him.”


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