Start Strong

This blog should be written 2 years ago. I am having a hard time to write it in paper because I could not express the right words but it is where God wants me to be.

I still remember my prayer time last April 20, 2011. Maybe that prayer time was one of the hardest prayer I’ve been to. While  I was reading my Didache, I was stunned and amazed on how God really planned it because it was written “Glorious Ending” and I know that day will be difficult because what’s gonna happen. To lay it down/ surrender / give up all to God the thing that I know He will be more happy.

Human as I am it is difficult for me to let go of things that I really love but I remember that when you love God, He wants you to give up something because He knows what’s best for you. I realized that “you should not be afraid to start over. Because it’s a new chance to rebuild what you want”  I don’t know how it goes but God just told me: “Dahil mahal kita at faithful ka, sagot kita”. And that answer of God to me is just true to me over time because God’s love allowed me to transform or  made me a better person right now. Some people think that the reason I wrote this blog is because I haven’t moved on but honestly “I moved on and look forward to be used by God more”.

2 years ago it is a glorious ending but the day after I started it strong because I know God is always there and there is nothing to fear of losing something because God really knows best. Right now, I am really blessed and happy on what’s happening in my life right now because it is really the place where God wants me to be.  And there is no place I would rather be but only in the presence of God’s love. And I would never get tired of doing His plans because His plans is already the plan I want to do and I would never change anything in this world.


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