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It was a Wednesday afternoon when Ate Raine texted me if I can join the team to Batangas in giving Chastity forum the following day. I was in a shock because it will be my first time to give a chastity forum. It was a mixed emotion of excitement and I was nervous since I have no background in giving chastity forum. The night before the mission trip, i had to prepare my talk outline in chastity forum and went to Fyron’s house to teach me how to deliver, the do’s and don’ts in giving the talk. We didn’t realize that it was already 2:30 in the morning when we finished in preparing for our talk and our call time is 4:00am. We went to Batangas wakeful but again, I said “everything is possible with the Lord, lakas ng diyos lang ang gagawa nito”.  I am really physically tired because I haven’t slept since 5:00am since Wednesday but my spirit is up because it is a privilege for me and the team to do these things and to rely in God’s strength.


When we reached in Batangas, we just have a breakfast together with the YFL coordinator and after which we went straight to St. Bridget College. The scheduled plan of the team is give 6 chastity forum and 4 love forum (I was assigned in giving 4 chastity forums). And I was excited to give the talk since it is my first time.


When we reached SBC, the school coordinator welcomed us and said it is time to give the talk. I suddenly felt nervous because it was a classroom approached of talk meaning I would be their teacher for that period. When I reached to my first class I am nervous at the start because of jitters of maybe the class would not understand my talk etc. but suddenly God spoke through me and said “Follow me and I will teach you to catch people”. And God work through me to give this forum. My first talk was an amazing experience for me not to teach an academic subject but to spread God’s love to the people.


 After giving the first talk, we went straight to the next class to give the talk. I and Kaye were doing the chastity forum for almost 10 hours. We were walking from classroom to classroom, up and down and left to right. Little did we know that it was almost 6pm. Then we realized that God’s plan are greater than our plans because He used us powerfully in using me and Kaye to give 8 chastity forums compare to the plan of 4. I realized that every footstep that we made God is beside me to go in the journey. That journey is a humbling experience because God gave us the strength to go on to the journey. I am affirmed that every footstep is a journey and every journey is a blessing. Indeed, the Lord meets us wherever we are. Indeed, one of the memorable footsteps in our life is going where the Lord leads us and I am thankful for the Lord give me such privilege in doing his works.


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